How Demoltiion Has Changed Throughout the Years

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Building demolition continues to be an important part of the construction industry. A demolition project is often necessary, whether to get rid of a condemned building or to create new and improved properties and infrastructure projects. While demolition has been around for a long time, it does continue to evolve. For those that are wondering what’s the history of demolition, there are various ways the industry and practice have changed over the years

History of Militaristic and Punishment Purposes

While demolition is generally used as a part of an improvement process, this was not always the case. As far back as 1,000 years ago, there are records of armies moving through parts of Europe and demolishing homes and buildings in villages during battles. The use of demolition has also been used as a form of punishment. While it could be used to knock down a property built illegally, it can also be used as a punishment for other infractions.

Demolition To Free Up Space

When most people think of demolition today, they think of it as a way to free up space in a desirable location. This practice has been much more common over the past 50 years or so. This practice has continued to grow due to population growth and an overall desire to live and work near a city center. Today, this continues to be a popular way to help open up space for new development and infrastructure.

Demolition today typically uses two different methods. The building implosion method tends to be the one that people think about most. This process involves quickly demolishing a building using wrecking balls and strategically-placed TNT.

As there are risks with simple implosion, deconstruction is another type of demolition frequently used today. This method can take longer but tends to involve taking apart a building as opposed to quickly destroying it. A hydraulic mulcher and other advanced machines are used to take the building down and then segregate materials, which can help with recycling as well.

Future of Demolition

Demolition is also expected to evolve in the future. One of the ways it can advance is a continued focus on being as green as possible. This will include following different strategies to recycle as many materials and parts as possible. There will also be a focus on using technology more. AI technology and enhanced systems will help make implosion processes more precise, which will help reduce the risk of faulty demolition, additional unwanted property damage, or even injuries. 

Demolition is an essential part of the overall infrastructure development process for any city in the world today. While demolition has been a common practice for a long time, it has evolved and changed over the years. For those that are wondering how has demolition changed, there are various improvements and changes that have taken place. 

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