Demolition Services in Jeffersonville, IN

Demolition is about more than just swinging a wrecking ball—it’s about the controlled tear-down of structures. For expert demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN, the experienced professionals at Estes Excavating Inc. are always on-call. We have experience in both residential and commercial demolition projects, though our services are more geared towards larger tear-downs.

Commercial demolition

commercial demo
When the time has come for old commercial buildings to be torn down, call us for a swift, controlled demolition. Our team has a depth of experience across a wide range of commercial tear-down projects. Whether you’re simply clearing the land for a future development or you’re removing specific structures from a plot, know we’re here to help.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our thorough approach to commercial demolition in Jeffersonville, IN. We don’t leave debris at your site and we always make it a point to clean up to ensure the job is done to its fullest.

Home demolition

home demo
Though we most frequently offer our services for commercial demolition, our resources do allow us to assist residential customers with house demolition in Jeffersonville, IN. In instances of fire or dilapidating homes, we offer complete tear-down services. Again, we pride ourselves on leaving a site better than when we found it, including removal of all debris.

Contact us for controlled demolition

When your site prep project calls for demolition services, contact the experts at Estes Excavating Inc. We’re equipped to approach any demolition project—big or small—and are ready to leave you with land that’s clear and free of debris.

For more information about our demolition capabilities or to inquire about our approach to your specific tear-down, please consult with our team today by calling 812-283-6245. We’ll make sure the demolition is encompassing and controlled, so you can start developing the land quickly.