Land Clearing in Jeffersonville, IN

At the earliest stages of land development, land clearing in Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and Clark County, IN is imperative. It ensures all obstructions are removed from a site so that excavation, pouring/paving and general construction can begin without obstacles.

As the premier land clearing professionals in Jeffersonville, IN, Estes Excavating Inc. is here to make sure your development is on track from the outset. We’re experienced across all facets of land clearing and can assist you in a variety of modalities. Our earthmoving contractors in Jeffersonville, IN are equipped to handle all of the following services:

We also have earth mover machinery and can move a lot of dirt at one time, helping you to clear and shape the land quickly. This ensures your project means its deadlines in its earlier stages, paving the way for a more coherent development timeline in future phases.

Topsoil processing

Land ClearingNeed topsoil for your site development? We can utilize machinery to process topsoil and dirt, which we make available via resale to interested customers. Our product options include refined topsoil and screened/filtered dirt.

For more information about land clearing and tree clearing services we’re able to provide or to request bulk pricing on topsoil and screened dirt products, please contact us today by calling 812-283-6245. We also offer demolition services and site excavation!