Five Times You’ll Need Help from an Excavator in Jeffersonville, IN

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If you’re preparing to build a commercial property, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you need to call in an excavation professional. How do you figure out what kind of help you’ll need? It depends on the unique characteristics of your property, but here are a few examples of situations that call for a professional excavator in Jeffersonville, IN:

  • You have a large plot of land: If you have a lot of space to work with, you can ensure that your plot will be adequately prepared for building by hiring an excavator to clear the land. Land clearing is the process of removing trees and brush from a piece of land, and it often calls for the type of professional equipment that an excavator can provide and operate. Various processes exist for land clearing, and an experienced excavator can recommend the most effective method and will see that the clearing is done properly.
  • You have more trees than you know what to do with: In addition to clearing away trees from an excavation site, an excavator can grind trees directly on site. Excavation companies use machinery that quickly disposes of trees that have been cleared—stumps and all. To make things even simpler, your excavator can often handle the proper disposal of trees after grinding.
  • You need an existing structure removed: When you need to have a previous building removed from your land, professional demolition is often required. Demolition is the controlled destruction of a structure, and it’s a process that must be done carefully. Your excavator in Jeffersonville, IN will study the materials in an old building to determine how it should be demolished. This includes safe removal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos.
  • You’re concerned about erosion: Although erosion is a natural occurrence, an excavator can install erosion control systems on job sites to reduce its effects on your structure and the surrounding area. Excavators can determine the type of protection needed and install barriers to erosion, such as silt fencing or sediment basins.
  • You’re not up to speed on local building laws: A good excavator knows the regulations that apply to commercial excavation in your location, and will make sure these rules are followed closely. Why not avoid the stress and confusion of navigating local laws on your own? Your excavator can handle these details and take the burden off your shoulders.

Your excavation partner

No matter the particular characteristics or challenges your site presents, a professional excavator can be a valuable partner in your commercial excavation project. Excavation specialists have the tools and experience to devise strategies that will work best for your site, and they know how to utilize the right equipment and technology to get things done quickly and safely.

Estes Excavating Inc. can help with all of the situations described here. Our specialists are trained to identify the specific solutions and services that will work for your site. Contact us when you need a reliable, experienced excavator in Jeffersonville, IN to work on your project.

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