What to Expect from Site Excavation in Jeffersonville, IN

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Preparing to break ground on a new commercial site can seem daunting. You’re literally laying the foundation for a successful new business venture, so you want to make sure that the excavation work is carefully planned and executed.

Understanding the work required for site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN can help you partner more effectively with your excavation company and more accurately plan your construction timeline. Here are some of the important steps you’ll encounter during the excavation process.

Before work begins

Prior to starting any excavation work, you’ll need a survey crew to assess the space needed. You can expect your survey crew to check for any issues that might pose a challenge to excavation, such as how construction will affect the surrounding environment and whether the quality of the soil is suitable for building. The survey crew will figure out how much space is needed for your building project and mark out boundaries. They’ll also decide the depth at which the foundation should be made.

Breaking ground

When the survey crew has determined that the site is ready, your excavation company will get started. The team will dig to the required depth—previously measured by the survey crew—for the foundation and test the soil to make sure it’s solid enough to support the construction. If the soil proves to be nice and compact, the excavation team will lay the foundation.

You’ll probably want to have an idea of the types of heavy equipment and tools that will be used for your commercial excavation project. You can expect to see some machinery you’ll recognize, such as dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and bulldozers. You may not be familiar with skid steers, compactors and trenchers, but these are some other tools your excavation crew will likely use.

Types of excavation

Excavation companies use various techniques for different locations and conditions. For example, horizontal excavation is utilized for sites that are free of previous development; the technique can prevent damage to the structure of the building. On the other hand, vertical excavation is performed for sites that are already surrounded by other buildings and involves creating a deep shaft in the earth. Vertical excavation is commonly used in crowded cities where horizontal excavation isn’t possible.

Your site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN may require one of these techniques or even a combination of the two. It all depends on the unique characteristics of the location. The excavation team will know which practice is best or if a completely different strategy is needed, such as building cofferdams for sites where excess water is a concern.

Finding your crew

It’s essential to hire an excavation company that understands the distinctive qualities of your commercial site, keeps you updated throughout the process and has a reputation for safety and reliability. Estes Excavating Inc. has more than 40 years of experience with commercial excavation projects, and we approach our work with great care and attention. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about working with us on your excavation project.

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