Understanding the Importance of Environmental Cleanup

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When it comes to site excavation, many people don’t consider the environmental aspects of the project. Things like waste runoff can sometimes be overlooked, but ignoring environmental cleanup can lead to major problems, including soil toxicity, water contamination and penalties for failing to follow environmental regulations. There are many reasons why environmental cleanup is so important after a site excavation, which is why you should look for an excavator in Jeffersonville, IN who can handle the environmental cleanup of your site after excavation.

Environmental remediation

Environmental remediation is the removal of contaminants or pollutants from water, soil and sediment. Depending on the site that needs environmental cleanup, remediation might be ordered by the government in order to comply with environmental regulations and reduce the potential impacts on public safety and ecological health. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency sets the standards for environmental remediation and offers comprehensive guidelines for environmental cleanup.

The first step in an environmental cleanup is a site assessment. This assessment will be done by the group that is administering the cleanup in order to evaluate sources of contamination. This assessment might include a consideration of the products and materials that have been used on the site previously that may have led to contamination. No matter what the actual procedure might be, an assessment should be done by a professional who is experienced in handling environmental cleanup and who knows exactly what to look for at a worksite. It is important to have a thorough assessment conducted prior to environmental remediation in order to ensure that any potential contaminants are identified and removed.

There are many different methods of environmental remediation that tackle potential contaminants. One of the primary ecological concerns after site excavation is wastewater runoff. When it rains or storms, it can shift soil and sediment from a construction site and lead to contamination of nearby streams, lakes and other water sources. An excavator in Jeffersonville, IN can mitigate the impacts of wastewater runoff by stabilizing soil with erosion control methods and by preventing contaminants from exiting the site. In addition, they can make sure that any present runoff is stopped and that contaminants are contained within the site. Environmental cleanup is as important as the site excavation itself, so make sure you work with a contractor who has experience doing both jobs effectively.

Find an excavator in Jeffersonville, IN

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