How Does the Excavation Process Work?

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If you’re in the construction industry, you know that a lot goes on behind the scenes before the actual building phase can begin. Teams of excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN have to work tirelessly to prep the site before construction crews can come in and start building the new structure. It doesn’t matter if the new structure is being built on an empty lot or a piece of property that already had a building on it—excavation is key! Keep reading to learn more about excavation and why it’s so important for each construction project.

What is excavation?

Before we delve into the process of excavation, it’s important to get a broad overview of what it is. Excavation is the task of moving dirt, rocks and other materials out of the way before a construction project can begin. While construction is the number one reason folks need excavators, it is also an important part of mining, exploration and environmental restoration. Depending on the site, a variety of different tools and methods are used in excavation. Excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN use everything from tractors to hand tools and even explosives to get the job done!

The process

Just like any big project, excavation has many different parts that all require precise execution. An improperly completed excavation step can jeopardize the whole project long after the construction phase has begun!

  • Surveying: Before we bring in our machinery and tools, we have to survey the land to make sure it’s safe to build the new structure. In addition to checking for safety, we have to make sure the lot is the correct size. After all, you can’t develop a structure if the piece of land isn’t a good fit!
  • Marking the boundaries: Once we know that the plot is perfect for the new building, we clearly mark the boundaries of the new structure. Nothing would be worse than starting construction only to realize the initial plans were off. That’s why we take care with each job to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
  • Digging: After we’ve marked the boundaries of the structure, we set to work digging a hole for the building. As mentioned above, we use a variety of tools to get the hole dug. The tools we use depend on the type of dirt we’re working with and the size of the hole that needs to be made. Just as with marking the boundaries, we have to ensure that we dig to the correct and approved depth.
  • Moving the dirt: We have to get rid of the dirt once the hole is dug. Excavators use heavy machinery to transport the dirt or spread it around the property.
  • Start the parking lot: If the new building requires a parking lot, we can tackle it! We’re experts at leveling land and spreading gravel before asphalt is poured for the new lot.

Give Estes Excavating Inc. a call today to learn more about all of our other services. We’re the number one excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN, and we’d love to help you kick off your next construction project.

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