Importance of Safety During Excavation Projects

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Excavation projects are in-depth, complicated events that require a tremendous amount of care and attention. Even simple mistakes during excavation can cause a long-term disaster during the digging process, meaning that you should only work with excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN that you are absolutely confident in. Maintaining a safe and pleasant work environment will result in a higher-quality excavation experience for both you and your contractors.

Working with highly recommended providers of excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN is the best way to maintain a safe and pleasant working space. When looking for a company to perform your excavation, you should seek out a company with decades of prior experience and stellar customer reviews from previous clients.

There are a number of ways that excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN can make the digging process safer and more enjoyable, including:

  • Invest in vests: Purchasing bright construction vests is one of the most sure-fire ways in which excavation contractors can keep themselves safe on a job site. Though it may seem overly simple, visibility can prevent accidents from occurring, and decrease recovery times in the event of a cave-in.
  • Keep equipment away: Even in the most favorable digging conditions, construction equipment, such as heavy cranes and backhoes, should be kept far away from the rim of the digging site. You should also ensure that soils are kept more than two feet away from the sides of the digging location.
  • Establish a cave-in strategy: Before sending workers into a dig site, you should establish a plan for how workers will escape or shelter in place in the event of a cave-in. There should be several easily accessible entrances and exit points throughout the dig site or trench.
  • Check utility lines prior to digging: Checking municipal plotting data prior to beginning your dig is a good way to increase the safety of your excavation operation. You should also conduct exploratory operations prior to breaking ground, because some utility lines may not be accurately demarked.
  • Never get below loads: Experienced excavating contractors in Jeffersonville, IN will know to never work below active loads. Even if a load is suspended in stasis over a work site, you should ensure that there are no employees standing or performing tasks beneath it.
  • Test atmospheric conditions: If your trench or hole is more than four feet deep, you should thoroughly test your atmospheric conditions before dispatching workers into the site. Toxic gases or chemicals may accumulate within the site, creating an inhospitable climate.

Since 1974, Estes Excavating Inc. has been the premier provider of excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN. You can count on us to provide you with an exceptional excavating process that is safe and enjoyable for everyone on the worksite. With more than four decades of high-quality excavating experience under our belt, we are proud to continue offering the most comprehensive and extensive excavating services in the region. If you are looking for a safe and dependable company to hire for all of your excavating needs, you should reach out to one of our friendly professional associates today!

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