It’s Time to Take Care of Fallen Trees!

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Snow, ice and other winter weather have a tendency to knock down trees and break limbs in yards across the nation. If that’s happened to you over the past few months, you’ll want to get those limbs taken care of as soon as possible. Immediate tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN is a must if you want a great-looking yard. Keep reading to learn more benefits of calling Estes Excavating Inc. to get rid of those downed trees on your property:

  • Downed trees are unsightly: Do you want to have the worst looking yard on the block? Of course not! Fallen limbs look ugly and make it seem like you don’t care about your lawn. Additionally, limbs that sit on the lawn for too long can kill your grass. Call a professional to grind up your tree limbs, and you won’t have to worry about a bad-looking yard.
  • Stumps are frustrating: Cleaning up limbs isn’t the worst part of downed trees. The biggest hassle is often the stumps left behind. Tree stumps are difficult to maneuver around when doing yard work, like mowing your lawn. Calling a professional to remove and grind up your stump is the only way to ensure you don’t have a difficult time cutting your grass this spring.
  • New trees can grow around stumps: You could have a major problem on your hands if you don’t remove that stump as soon as possible, because small trees can start to grow around tree stumps. That’s not just unsightly; removing or killing those small trees can cost quite a bit of money. Remove your stump today so you don’t have to worry about any new growth!

Don’t do it yourself!

If you own a chainsaw, you may be tempted to go out and take care of those downed limbs and trees all by yourself. We’re here to tell you that tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN is best left to the pros. Here’s why:

  • Safety hazard: It should come to no surprise that using a chainsaw is a dangerous activity. Novices could wind up injuring themselves or others while trying to clear limbs from their property. Give us a call to grind up all of your tree limbs and you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be safe!
  • Time consuming: Unless you have the right tools, getting rid of limbs and stumps isn’t exactly a quick task. At Estes Excavating Inc., we have all of the right equipment to clean up your yard in no time at all. We’ll come in and grind up your limbs and stumps in a matter of hours.

Why choose Estes Excavating Inc.?

At Estes Excavation Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to get a job done well in as little time as possible. We come in, grind up your trees on-site and are out of your hair in no time at all! Don’t try cleaning up those tree limbs all by yourself. Give us a call today! We’ll come out to your property to get your land looking as good as new. You’ll hardly even know your trees were down in the first place!

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