Do You Need Topsoil Delivery for Your Next Project?

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The warm weather means it’s time to finally get started on that outdoor project you’ve been putting off. Whether you plan on building a new shed, putting in a garden, extending your commercial building or finally erecting that cabin in the woods you’ve always dreamed of, the land you’ve chosen to build on might not be in the best shape. Land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN will clear your property of unwanted trees, stumps and brush so that you’re given a flat surface to build on, but once you’ve completed your project, you may need topsoil delivery to get the look you’re going for. Here’s a look at what topsoil is used for and how you can benefit from it.

Grass Repair

Often, after a construction project, no matter how big or small, the grass in the area is destroyed. It was likely necessary to remove grass to create the ideal building area, but now you’d like it back. Topsoil can be used to get your lawn looking better than before, as it encourages healthy grass to grow. It can be placed on bare spots or areas where the grass seems to be thinning out a bit. Additionally, by laying an inch or two of topsoil in the dip of an uneven area of your lawn, the grass will continue to grow through the soil and your yard will even out over time.

Finish Your Garden

One of the last steps in creating your new garden is to add topsoil to your flower bed. Not only will it give it a crisp, clean appearance, but a topsoil that contains fertilizer will also provide your plants with the nutrition they need to flourish. This layer of topsoil is essential for growing plants or trees, as this is the layer where they will establish their roots. The depth of your topsoil depends on what you’re planting and can range from three to 12 inches.

Give Your Plants New Life

If your latest construction project left some of the smaller trees and plants in your yard damaged, there’s still hope for their revival. Before ripping them out and starting fresh, consider using topsoil to repair them. Adding a layer of this soil around their roots might give your plants the nutrients and stability they need to come back to life. Topsoil is also ideal for root repairs and growth, so if a plant was uprooted during your latest project, topsoil is a crucial addition when replanting it.

If you’re in need of land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN prior to your next big project, contact our team of experts at Estes Excavating Inc. We can clear everything from large acres of land to your backyard, removing all unwanted trees, roots and stumps so you have a flat area to build on. Once your project is complete, we can deliver topsoil to your land and bring your property back to life. Choose from either refined topsoil or filtered dirt for your grass or garden, and all evidence of construction will disappear in just days. Don’t hesitate to call us now and schedule your first topsoil delivery.

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