It’s a Great Time for Demolition Work!

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With the warmer months upon us, builders are taking advantage of the nice weather and breaking ground on projects that were proposed over the winter. Often this requires tearing down large structures that are taking up valuable space where they plan to build, something that can be done relatively quickly and safely by a professional. If you’re considering hiring a demolition service in Jeffersonville, IN, then you aren’t alone. This time of the year tends to get quite busy for these guys, so it’s recommended to contact local demolition contractors sooner rather than later. Here’s a closer look at why this is the best time of the year for demolition work.

The Weather Is Ideal

Demolition contractors get stuck working outside more often than not, so this time of the year offers the best weather for them to work in. Since this kind of work requires precision, poor weather conditions can lead to unsafe working conditions. Additionally, some of the equipment used during the process of tearing down the building—as well as during cleanup—can’t perform well in the rain or snow. Demolition jobs this time of the year are far less likely to be interrupted or postponed due to the weather.

The Ground Is Soft

Construction jobs are often impossible to start over the winter, as the ground is frozen, making it a much more challenging time of the year to start building. The same goes for demolition. To get the job done, special equipment is required and the process can be quite a hassle—not to mention the added time and money it can cost you. It’s for this reason that as soon as things start to thaw out, builders are making calls to demolition contractors to clear the land for them, making it their busiest season.

It’s Safer for Workers

The winter and fall months are the most dangerous for demolition workers. This is due to high winds and damp grounds that not only make their jobs more difficult, but makes them more vulnerable as well. In addition to the weather creating unsafe work conditions, the days are shorter, leaving them with less daylight to work in. They’ll often bring in their own light sources, but demolition operators will still find themselves working in poor lighting. It’s for this reason that the spring and summer months are safer, and the best time of the year for this kind of service.

Don’t wait too long to schedule any demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN that you may need. This time of the year can be busy, but it’s also the safest and most affordable. At Estes Excavating Inc., we specialize in tearing down large commercial and residential buildings and can help you clear a piece of land in no time. Our family owned and operated business doesn’t just tear down unwanted structures—we remove all debris from the area, as well, so that construction can begin immediately. With over 40 years of experience, our seasoned experts are available to answer any questions you may have. Call us now for a quote or for more information on the process!

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