What Happens to Your Sewer Lines During a House Demolition in Jeffersonville, IN?

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Unless you’ve run into an issue with your sewer line, you probably never think about it all that much. As long as your waste makes it from your house to the city sewer system, who cares how it gets there, right? The truth is, if you’re planning house demolition in Jeffersonville, IN anytime soon, you better start thinking about your sewer line sooner rather than later! Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about what goes on with your sewer line before demolition begins.

Why do we need to worry about sewer lines?

Before we really “dig into” what happens to your sewer line during house demolition, it would be a good idea to understand why we need to worry about your sewer line in the first place:

  • Future functionality: The biggest reason we deal with sewer lines is to ensure the sewer system still functions, even after your house has been demolished. After all, the structure that’ll replace your home will also need a sewer hookup.
  • Sanitation concerns: Next, we worry about the sewer line before demolition because nobody wants a ton of sewage spilling out all over the place once demo work begins—that’s unsanitary and can be a serious health hazard. Taking a little time to dig up the sewer line can save everyone a huge headache down the road once we start with house demolition in Jeffersonville, IN.

The process

Now that you understand why we work on your sewer line before we start house demolition, let’s learn how we do it:

  • Obtain a permit: Like many construction or demolition projects, we have to first obtain a permit from the city that’ll allow us to mess with your sewer line. Without that permit, city officials won’t let us dig up or mess with any public utilities.
  • Confirm the line’s location: After we’ve gotten the go-ahead from the city to work on your sewer line, we can get to work on the project. First, we have to make sure we know exactly where the sewer line is located. We use high-tech equipment and blueprints of your property to determine the exact location of the sewer line before we stick our shovels in the ground.
  • Dig the line: Now the fun part begins! We use our heavy-duty equipment to dig down to the sewer line, which is typically 18 to 30 inches below the ground. We dig as close to the property line as possible during this process. It’s important to always hire professionals to complete this job, as it can be tricky in some situations.
  • Cap the line: Finally, we seal the line to ensure nothing gets into or out of the sewer line once demolition begins. If your sewer line is made of plastic, it’s sealed with glue and an approved cap. If you have a line constructed of a different material, it’s sealed with concrete. Regardless of the type of line you have, be sure to choose Estes Excavating Inc. to do the job!

The next time you’re hiring a company for house demolition in Jeffersonville, IN, get in touch with Estes Excavating Inc. We have years of experience demolishing houses of all shapes and sizes—there’s no job too big or too small for our team!

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