What You Need to Know About Site Excavation in Jeffersonville, IN

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There has never been a better time to build in southern Indiana. A resurging economy and an improvement in commercial and industrial real estate values mean that it’s a great time for investment. Before you put the shovel in the ground, it’s important to plan out the whole process to maximize your full investment. An experienced excavator is here to explain the importance of site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN.

What is Site Excavation?

In short, excavation typically means preparing your site for the project that you have planned for your site, whether it is a building, a roadway, parking lot or a planned green space. An excavation could also be related to a demolition site. Site excavation will include the grading, digging trenches and removal of soil, rock and other debris. A professional excavator will typically be contracted due to the heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and backhoes, that is needed to perform these tasks.

Before Excavation Begins

Before the first bulldozer arrives on the property, some important groundwork must be done. The crew and supervisor of the excavating team will examine the ground to be excavated. The property owner and the excavating team will work together to:

  • Secure necessary permits: A construction permit will be needed for the project itself. However, additional permits may be needed prior to excavation if the property is adjacent to a wetland area or if there is a historically protected building on the property. A professional excavating crew will be able to help with this.
  • Contact utility companies: Any power and gas lines should be clearly marked before it is safe to dig.
  • Learn what’s underground: In order to know what kind of heavy equipment will be needed, it will need to be determined what kind of rock will need to be excavated.
  • Communicate with developers: The excavating team needs to make sure that they are following your contractor’s or site developer’s plan.

The Site Work

Once the planning has been completed, the heavy equipment arrives at the site. A professional team will carefully grade the land, dig the trenches and prepare the site to your exact specifications. The job requires a lot of precision to avoid any utility lines and to follow the specific plan. This is the most time- and labor-intensive part of the excavation process.

Excavation Cleanup

The most important consideration is how an excavator finishes the job. When the excavation is complete, there will be concrete, dirt, timber and possibly hazardous material to remove and dispose of. A professional excavator will not leave this on your site, but will safely remove and dispose of the excess material, leaving you with a clean, workable site once the job is done.

Excellence in Excavating in Jeffersonville, IN

Making a great choice for an excavator in Jefferson, IN, is an important one. You are looking for an excavator with experience, the right equipment and the drive to get the job done right the first time. At Estes Excavating Inc., we’ve been family owned and operated since 1974. We take pride in the pristine condition in which we leave every one of our job sites. Give us a call today to discuss how we can get your site ready for your next project.

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