Why You Should Hire a Professional for Stump Removal

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How long has that stump stood as a silent eyesore on your property? It’s been on your to-do list to get rid it for over a year. Perhaps this autumn is the time to finally get the job done. Rather than attempting to remove the stump yourself, there are some very good reasons to have a professional take care of this for you. Read on to see why tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN, is very serious business.

Stump Problems

A tree stump is not simply an unattractive feature on your property—it is an actual problem that needs to be removed. This stump is taking up yard space, and it is hazardous to children who may not see the stump when running in your lawn. The stump is making it more difficult to mow. It’s attracting many different types of insects. Wasps and hornets like to make their nests in old tree stumps. They also cause new tree growth. It’s time to remove the stump.

A Stump is More than a Stump

Before you try to remove the stump yourself, you need to have a good idea of what you are dealing with. The stump is a lot more than what you can actually see above the surface. The stump is part of a very large root system that it is going to have to be separated from in order to be removed.

Some have tried to remove a stump by simply tying a rope around the stump to their truck or ATV with little success of removal, combined with damage to their vehicle or to themselves. The proper way to remove a stump from its root system is to use a machine called a stump grinder. The stump grinder is most effective once the stump has been cut as close to the ground as possible.

Safety First

Using a stump grinder can be very dangerous. It is important to don protective gear. Thick clothing, safety goggles and earplugs are needed when operating this machine. It is also important to keep children and pets away while doing this work.

The machine can also be a challenge to operate. It is strongly recommended that a professional be hired for this work.

Cost Concerns

You may be surprised to find that the most cost effective way to remove a stump is to hire a professional to do the job. Attempting to remove a stump by yanking it out with a vehicle is not only dangerous and ineffective, but it can also cause damage to your property—both your vehicle and your land.

Many property owners believe they can save money by renting a stump grinder from a big box store and completing the job themselves. However, they do not factor in the time it will take them to figure out the controls and operation of the machine. Don’t be surprised if it takes several days to remove a single stump. After taking into consideration the time and safety concerns, having a professional do the job in less than a day would have been the most cost effective solution.

Call for Tree Clearing in Jeffersonville, IN

It’s time to get rid of that unsightly stump. Rather than risking your safety, let a professional do the job. Estes Excavating Inc. has the right equipment and knowhow to remove the stump safely and quickly. With over 40 years of experience, we are the team you can trust. Give us a call today!

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