What to Watch Out for When Excavating a New Home Foundation

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Building a new home can be an exciting experience, but it also comes with its share of headaches and challenges. One of the biggest projects you have to complete when you’re building a new home is a foundation excavation. It’s essential that the hole that is excavated for your new home is the right size and depth for the foundation of your home, but getting everything right can be difficult if you don’t know how to prepare for the process. Knowing more about excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN can help you ensure you’re approaching the project as smartly as possible:

  • Construction guidelines: Excavating your home’s foundation is expensive enough on its own, so you don’t want to be stuck paying for costly fines and fees from violating local construction ordinances and regulations. You should take the time to read and understand the foundation construction guidelines that apply to your area to ensure that you are completing your project in accordance with the law. The best way to keep your project compliant is to work with a reputable, experienced and licensed provider of excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN.
  • Soil compaction: If you have plants on your property, or if you are planning on planting after you establish your foundation, you have to consider how the heavy machinery used for excavation will affect the condition and quality of your soil. When heavy equipment is wheeled onto your property, it can compact the soil and harm existing trees and plants or make future planting more challenging. You should talk to your excavation contractor about your concerns and make sure they understand your needs and the specifics of your site before beginning a project.
  • Excavation obstructions: No matter how thoroughly you plan your excavation project, chances are you will run into a few bumps, both literally and figuratively, along the way. One of the most common issues that excavators experience during digging is the presence of large rocks and boulders in the soil. You might not be able to avoid this issue entirely, but you can reduce your chances of running into rocks by investing in a thorough inspection and assessment of your excavation site prior to the start of your project.
  • Water levels: Depending on the water table, the elevation and the moisture levels in the area where you’re digging, you might have problems with water when you need excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN. The excavation contractor you choose should be prepared to manage water levels to ensure the success of your foundation excavation project.

If you have questions or concerns about excavation services in Jeffersonville, IN, reach out to the team at Estes Excavating Inc. For decades, we have proudly provided excavation, demolition and site clearing services for commercial and residential customers alike. Regardless of the size of your project, our team of experts has the experience, qualifications and resources necessary to tackle it. Get started with a consultation and a quote by giving us a call today!

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