Why Is Winter the Best Time of Year for Land Clearing in Jeffersonville, IN?

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What’s on your project calendar this season? Do your plans for the year include land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN? Did you know that winter is the best season to schedule this task?

While you might think of land clearing as a spring or fall project, winter actually offers several advantages for land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN. These benefits make winter the ideal time to schedule your land clearing. Here’s the scoop.

Winter land offers more support

Land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN involves heavy equipment. The machines used to remove trees, rocks, bushes and other obstacles are heavy-duty vehicles. When the ground is soft, as it typically is during other seasons, land clearing can be more difficult. It is harder for the equipment to travel across soft and muddy terrain. The frozen tundra that winter offers is much easier for these machines to traverse.

Winter means less precipitation

Land clearing during rainy seasons is challenging. Moisture makes everything heavier and harder to move. Surfaces become slippery for equipment and people. Visibility is hampered. Precipitation runoff is greater. The result is difficult working conditions and a greater chance of soil disturbance. While winter isn’t a precipitation-free season, it is typically dryer and offers better moisture conditions.

Winter land clearing preps for spring

Spring is the most common time for planting, building and other land development. If you wait until this time to start your land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN, you might not get to the other phases of your project in time. If you complete your land clearing in winter, the property will be prepped and ready for other details in the spring. This landscape prep can put you at a great advantage when the warmer months roll around.

Winter offers a clear landscape

In the winter, plants are dormant. This creates a clearer landscape than the one offered in other seasons. Trees that must be removed are less bulky, lighter and easier to handle. The same is true for smaller plants and bushes. Why clear the land when there’s twice as much to remove during another season? Plan this project for winter, when half the landscape is already cleared away for you.

Winter is a slower season

Scheduling land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN during busy seasons can be challenging. Spring, summer and fall are times when many other projects are scheduled, for both you and the land clearing professionals. Why pile more on your plate during an already busy time? Why wait for a busy contractor with a full calendar? Scheduling land clearing for winter is much easier and more convenient.

Schedule your winter project

Are you ready to take advantage of winter land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN? Contact the professionals at Estes Excavating Inc. this season. Since 1974, Estes Excavating Inc. has been a premier provider of commercial excavating and demolition services in the Jeffersonville area. We are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience. Our friendly and professional staff strive to bring you quality service and reasonable prices with everything we do. Reach out today to learn more!

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