Why Erosion Control Is a Must

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One of the top priorities of earthmoving contractors in Jeffersonville, IN must be erosion control. Why? Erosion—the movement of soil or other sediment by wind, water or gravity—can greatly affect the surrounding environment. Erosion carries sediment and pollutants into local water bodies. It can also affect public storm sewers as well as roads and walkways.

Due to its potential effects, erosion is a top concern for site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN. If you have a project on your calendar, use the following tips to properly manage erosion during and after your project:

  • Use a silt fence: To control erosion at your building site, install a perimeter silt fence. Determine the direction of water flow at the site to guide the installation of this fence. The fence should include hardwood stakes that are secured in the soil, and you should compact the soil around the fence after installation.
  • Install a tracking pad: At your site entrance, a tracking pad will help minimize erosion. This gravel construction entrance performs the task of scraping mud off construction vehicles that make frequent trips to and from the site.
  • Replant: Once construction is complete, re-establish vegetation that the project disturbed. Root systems help stabilize soil and prevent erosion, so it’s important to replant cleared areas. Use straw mats, sod, seeds and fabric as needed to help replant vegetation and encourage it to thrive on the site.
  • Protect sewer systems: Site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN can generate a lot of runoff that flows to storm sewer inlets. To protect local sewers, use wash rock, filter fabric or straw bales to filter sediment and control the erosion that might flow into manholes or sewer pipes.
  • Make a plan: Before you begin your work with an earthmoving contractor in Jeffersonville, IN, make a plan for erosion control. Your construction drawings should include this plan. It should cover how you will prevent storm water pollution, protect the soil and reseed the site. The plan should also include the details of your silt fence, sediment filters, entrance tracking pad and other efforts.
  • Call the digger hotline: Another must before you begin is a consultation with the local utility company. Before you begin any construction project, always call the digger hotline. This service will locate underground public utilities. Once you know where these are, you can safely proceed with your erosion control and other construction plans. Keep in mind that you should also research any private utilities that may be present on the site, as the hotline does not locate these.

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