Wet Weather Site Excavation in Jeffersonville, IN

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While farmers may be excited about rainy conditions, demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN typically don’t look forward to this weather. For these professionals, wet conditions mean tough conditions. The water makes soil heavier and harder to move, and it makes the work area slippery and more hazardous.

Due to these effects of wet weather on site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN, proper precautions must be taken when working in these conditions. The following steps should be taken to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved:

  • Proper training: Workers must be able to identify hazards related to wet weather. They should know the limitations of equipment and manpower and be ready to take necessary steps to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Sturdy workspace: Technicians must set up workbenches on solid surfaces. They should make arrangements so these areas are protected from the elements.
  • Appropriate tools: Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. All power tools and cords should be properly maintained and appropriate for outdoor use.
  • Clean worksite: Slips and falls are more likely in wet conditions. Keeping the site clear of debris will help prevent these incidents. A quality demolition service in Jeffersonville, IN always maintains a clean worksite to promote safety and smooth operations.
  • Safety gear: Workers should always wear the appropriate protective equipment. Anti-fogging eye protection is usually needed during inclement weather. The right gloves can also make a huge difference in the level of safety achieved by a technician.
  • Layered clothing: Fluctuating temperatures and precipitation make layered clothing a necessity. One thick layer can become soaked and cumbersome. Layers allow more options and better movement. Since safety gear should never be removed, other layers of clothing make adjustments for temperature and moisture possible.
  • Secure soles: A good pair of safety shoes or boots is essential for working on wet surfaces. Extremely muddy sites may require gumboots. Without the right footgear, slips and falls are nearly inevitable in wet weather.
  • Tie-downs: Rain is often accompanied by wind. Everything at the worksite should be securely tied down or covered to prevent blowing debris. If materials are not secured, a gust of wind can cause injuries or damage to the project itself or the surrounding setting.
  • Project pauses: Sites that include open trenches, scaffolding, pits and wells can become unsafe working conditions in heavy rain. It may be necessary to delay work until the site dries out and the area is safely accessible. The same may be true if winds are too strong. Demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN must always consider the safety of the crew first, before project deadlines.

We Know Wet Weather

As a premier provider of site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN since 1974, the crew at Estes Excavating Inc. has seen every type of weather. We’ve worked in all conditions and are your go-to source for safe project management in wet weather. Our team specializes in excavation, demolition, land clearing, environmental cleanup, storage tank removal, new construction preparation and fire system installation. Call now or stop in today to speak to a member of our staff. We look forward to hearing from you!

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