Benefits of Installing Fire Protection Systems

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On average, fire stations in the United States respond to a structure fire once a minute. Though these fires can break out for a number of reasons, one thing is certain: they’re all less likely to occur if the building is equipped with a proper fire protection system. This post from a trusted earthmoving contractor in Jeffersonville, IN will cover a few of the many reasons why you should install a fire protection system as soon as possible:

  • Save lives: First things first, sprinklers and fire protection systems can save lives! There are over 3,000 fire deaths each year in the United States, and many of them could be avoided if the structures had a properly functioning fire protection system. Smoke detectors alert everyone that there’s a fire, and a sprinkler system quickly extinguishes the flames, so everyone in the building can get out safely.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Having proper insurance is essential, but it can also be really expensive, especially if you have an older building. One of the best ways to lower your monthly premium is by installing a fire protection system. Insurance companies typically charge less if the building has some kind of sprinkler system in place.
  • Reduce chance of damage: Structure fires cause billions of dollars in damage each year, and the best way to reduce the amount of damage caused by smoke and flames is to install a sprinkler system. Though the water from the sprinklers can still cause damage, it’s a lot less expensive than rebuilding a structure lost to flames.
  • Sprinklers are inexpensive: A fire protection system is inexpensive in the long run, especially when you think of the high cost of not having one in your building. Additionally, since sprinklers are rarely (if ever) used, they can last for a long time without needing replacement or repairs. Talk to a contractor today about having a system installed—it’ll cost a whole lot less than you might think!
  • It keeps you in compliance: Is your building up to date with regards to fire codes? Being out of compliance can carry hefty penalties. The best way to ensure you stay in the good graces of local officials is to install a proper sprinkler system in your building.
  • They’re low maintenance: Unlike other automated systems in the workplace, a fire protection system doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. It’s recommended that you have the system tested professionally each year to ensure it works properly. But other than that, you don’t need to do much of anything to care for it.
  • Easy to use: One of the best parts about a sprinkler system is that it doesn’t require you to do anything to operate. As long as you have it tested to ensure it works, you can count on it to extinguish flames if a fire does occur. Again, it’s important that you have the system tested each year to ensure that it does in fact work.

If your building doesn’t have a proper fire protection system in place, then now’s the time to install one! In addition to site excavation in Jeffersonville, IN, Estes Excavating Inc. can set your building up with top-of-the-line sprinklers that will keep all of your employees safe from a fire.

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