How Much Does It Cost to Level Your Yard?

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Leveling your yard maintains landscaping and prevents erosion. It should be the first step before you plant trees or add new yard features. However, many people skip this essential step because of the cost of land clearing services in Jeffersonville, IN. However, if you do not employ land clearing, it may increase rehabilitation costs for your yard later on. Here are four factors that determine the cost of leveling your yard:

  • Size of the yard: The first question involves mere square footage. Smaller yards are less expensive to clear than larger yards. If you have a large lot, you may want to consider landscaping only the parts immediately around your home if you need to save money. However, if you want to build roads or driveways, that is another reason to invest in land clearing. Many people have to replace driveways if uneven land eventually causes wear and tear.
  • Condition of the land: Hills, past erosion, snow and water damage and other conditions may make leveling more difficult. As these conditions may mean heavier equipment and multiple runs, that increases your costs. Repairing damage after erosion is often more expensive than preventing it in the first place. If you buy a house that was not maintained well, expect to pay more on leveling and landscaping to improve curb appeal.
  • Contractor equipment and experience: Just as with other services, you get what you pay for when you choose an excavator. Experience and equipment costs money, but also reduces mistakes. Using lasers to determine the rises and falls of the land before grading means a better leveling job and landscaping that lasts for the long term. If a contractor merely shows up and starts digging, you may pay less but notice erosion damage later. Also, if your land requires heavier equipment due to damage or other conditions, that will add to your bill.
  • Your plans: Grading a yard for a small apple orchard requires a different approach than grading the yard for a porch, driveway or water feature. The latter items require flatter land, and if your yard is not in the best shape, that will take longer to achieve. However, if the same low-quality grades are merely hosting flowers and trees, the need to grade aggressively is much lower. All of this contributes to time and how much of it you need to pay for to have the ideal yard for your purposes.

Generally, land clearing costs between $1,000 and $6,000, with minor work or small yards going as low as $500. Most jobs take a few days and cost around $3,000, although every yard is unique and every homeowner has different visions.

Estes Excavating Inc. is a reliable provider of land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN. To prepare your yard for trees, a new water feature or any other projects, reach out to us today to schedule an estimate. That is the only way to have a firm idea of the cost based on your land conditions and your plans for landscaping.

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