The Advantages of Land and Tree Clearing in Jeffersonville, IN

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Your local professional land clearing service often caters to both residential and commercial clients. Just like it sounds, land clearing is a service that gets a property ready for a new structure or for another use, like crop growing or a new road. The thing to keep in mind is that this type of service is used by more than just land developers wanting to build new home communities or structures. Whether you’re a developer, a homeowner or a business owner, if you have land clearing needs, you can benefit from this service.

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, bushes, stumps, overgrown weeds, stones and other obstructions or obstacles from a particular area. Sometimes land clearing is required for land improvement, while other times it’s necessary for construction projects.

There are a few ways to clear land. One method involves using large machinery like bulldozers, backhoes and stump grinders. Another method is called forest mowing, which involves cutting and grinding down everything on the land. A third method is called pushover land clearing, in which large machinery is used to push trees over with the roots intact. Then, they’re moved to an off-site location.

Below are the top three benefits of land clearing and tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN.

Creates space and boosts aesthetics

Trees are great for the environment, and while a property with many trees is appealing, if it’s not well maintained, brush and trees can grow too close together or spring up in inconvenient spots. This can cause your property value to decrease. The way to avoid the chaotic feel when trees are cramped too close together is to consider clearing out overgrown weeds and brush, and removing a few trees here and there. The result is more usable property that looks nice and inviting. Once the land is cleared of thick brush and trees, property owners can create and enjoy outdoor living spaces, pool areas and gardens.

Provides essential maintenance

You have to maintain any brushy areas or clusters of trees on your property. Regular maintenance includes pruning, trimming, shaping and watering, as well as removing trees or branches that are unhealthy or damaged. Tree maintenance is especially important if you live in a more heavily populated area. Your city, county and/or HOA likely has rules and regulations geared toward tree maintenance, meaning property owners wishing to keep trees that are close together have to either hire a landscaping crew or rent or buy special equipment to ensure proper maintenance.

Promotes health and safety

Overgrown areas are prime haunts for wildlife, like deer, snakes, rodents, birds and insects. While wildlife can greatly benefit the environment, they can also be dangerous to drivers and pose a risk of disease to people and pets. It’s the property owner’s responsibility to create a safe space, starting with clearing land and removing undesirable trees from their property.

Pulling small weeds and trimming low-hanging tree branches is one thing—it’s another to need a huge patch of large trees removed. Call Estes Excavating Inc. today for more information about tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN!

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