Five Benefits of Stump Grinding After Tree Clearing in Jeffersonville, IN

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If you’ve hired an excavation service to help with tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN, you might be wondering what to do about the stumps. It might make sense to deal with the stumps right then and there instead of leaving them in the ground. Consider asking the excavating contractor about their rates for bundling these services. There’s also the fact that proceeding with tree clearing and stump grinding at the same time helps avoid a second mess. Scheduling a consultation ahead of time is the best way to figure out what to do and the steps involved in your particular project.

So, should you grind the stumps at the same time the machinery is already there to clear the land, or remove them later? The answer depends a lot on your land development plans and goals. Below are the top five benefits of grinding tree stumps:

  • Doesn’t take much time: It doesn’t take long for a professional to cut down a tree, depending on the size of the tree and whether it’s damaged or diseased. A tree can be downed within a few hours, but the stump is another matter. The options for stump removal include grinding it down to the roots, pulling it out of the ground or using an herbicide. Chemical removal can take weeks or even years, while hiring a professional tree company to grind it is a much quicker and more efficient process.
  • Creates room for a new project: Property owners opt for tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN for many reasons, but mostly just to have a clean slate to work with. Removing the stumps helps everything go more smoothly, no matter what your new project may be. Get ready for that new landscaping feature or structure!
  • Good for the environment: Modern-day equipment allows tree companies to grind stumps of various sizes down to the ground without disturbing the surrounding landscape. This is way more environmentally friendly than injecting stumps with chemical herbicides, wherein you risk them leaching into the surrounding soil. When you choose stump grinding services, in a short amount of time, those unsightly tree stumps will be pulverized down to wood chips or sawdust that you can use in your landscaping.
  • Prevents tree regrowth: As mentioned, there are many benefits of stump grinding, but one thing might have slipped your mind. Not only are you getting rid of something that’s unsightly or in the way of your plans, but it also keeps the tree from trying to grow back through the stump or popping up nearby as sprouts. You’ll be digging out tree sprouts continuously until you remove or kill the offending stump.
  • Gets rid of hazards: No matter how high or low to the ground the stump sits, it can be a trip hazard for people, children and pets—especially when hidden under leaves or other tree debris. Stumps can also be dangerous to mow around. Stump grinding can eliminate these potential hazards.

If you would like more information about stump removal or tree clearing in Jeffersonville, IN, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Estes Excavating Inc. anytime!

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