What to Do When Your Property Is Sinking

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When the earth your home is built on has stability issues, the ground level slowly sinking over time can cause significant problems for your entire building. Cracks in the foundation, floors, walls and ceiling are all a possibility. A sudden shift in the terrain can cause a catastrophic event that may have been prevented with professional erosion control in Jeffersonville, IN.

Are you living in an area prone to landslides, earthquakes or soil subsidence? Watch for cracks and bulges in your foundation, drywall, concrete or stucco. If a small crack suddenly gets larger, it’s time to call a skilled professional to evaluate your property.

Causes of sinking property

Sinking property in Jeffersonville, IN can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Sinkholes: One of the most shocking causes of foundation damage, sinkholes open up unexpectedly and can swallow entire neighborhoods.
  • Earthquakes: Should you live in an area prone to earthquakes (either from fracking or natural tectonic shifts), you are far more likely to see signs of an unstable foundation.
  • Soil settling, improper foundations or bad construction: Depending on where, when and how your house was built, you might be living on top of a whole host of problems.
  • Local drainage areas, mining and developments: If your land is on top of or near old drainage or mining areas, be vigilant about watching for sudden changes in your foundation.
  • Burrowing animals: Gophers are not only bad for your plants, but given enough time and presence, they can actually hurt your home. If they burrow, they may misdirect the site runoff and create foundation problems.

Remedies for sinking property

Once you’ve identified the warning signs of sinking property, your first step is to call a soil engineer to determine the cause of the problem, and if your house is sinking or tilting.

Next, call an attorney who specializes in construction defect or soil subsidence. They will assist you in preserving evidence, calling experts and determining who might be at fault. At that point, you may be able to file a claim against the party who caused your loss (whether a neighbor, local, state and federal government or a particular company and/or agency). A good attorney should also be able to guide you through the insurance claim process, and assist you in securing housing should the damage be too great for you to continue living or working in the structure.

Finally, call an erosion control specialist, like Estes Excavating Inc., in Jeffersonville, IN. Depending on the severity of your sinking property, we will grade against erosion and offer additional support.

Sinking property? Get help with erosion control in Jeffersonville, IN

You don’t have to wait until your foundation and ceilings start to crack. For sites with erosion and sinking foundation concerns, we can grade against erosion and install control measures around the perimeter of your development for peace of mind. Call Estes Excavating Inc. to find out more about how we can help with your sinking property and erosion control in Jeffersonville, IN.

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