The Benefits of Removing Trees in Winter

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For the most part, it’s safe to cut down or prune trees any time of the year—even in winter. However, because people tend to spend less time outside doing yard work when the weather turns cold, it’s easy to forget about important tree maintenance you may not have gotten around to completing last season. The truth is that winter can be the best time of year to hire professionals to remove trees and large brush from your property. Clear your land now, and come spring you will be ready to start a new build or landscaping project.

If you’re not convinced winter is a good time to wrangle trees, read on! Below are some of the benefits of planning for land clearing and major tree removal in Jeffersonville, IN during the winter months:

  • Easy assessment: Tree professionals agree that accurate assessment is important, no matter the time of year. However, a naked tree or a tree with sparse branches is much easier to assess than a tree full of leaves. They can better see the structure of all the trees marked for removal, then create a plan to ensure quick and efficient clearing of your land.
  • Less chance of plant damage: Sometimes, a land owner doesn’t want to level every tree or plant. Because plants like flowers and deciduous trees and shrubs go dormant in winter—with no flowering, budding, fruiting or new leaf growth—there’s little chance of harming them. If a tree you want to keep gets injured, it will be easier to trim any damaged limbs, and the cold temperatures will help wounds heal and stay disease free.
  • Beat water runoff: Depending on the winter climate where you live, precipitation levels and water runoff may be lower at this time. This minimizes soil disturbance during the land clearing process, while heavy rains and melting snow and ice make it difficult to proceed with tree removal for long stretches of time.
  • Solid ground, better support: When the air temperature is cold, the ground is cold. Areas that would normally be muddy in other seasons are not, which makes them perfect for crews to drive over without fear of sinking. Just consider the massive weight of land clearing equipment. If the ground is too soft from water, it won’t be able to offer adequate support.
  • Prepare the ground for spring: Some land clearing projects can take a long time. As such, doing this project in winter helps prepare the ground for spring so you can prepare your new build or landscaping once warmer weather arrives.
  • More available appointment times: Another advantage of deciding to remove trees during the winter months is scheduling. For many land clearing and tree removal companies, winter brings fewer customers, which means you get to pick from a wider range of service dates. More flexible scheduling and faster turnaround benefits both parties.

If you want more information about tree removal and winter land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Estes Excavating Inc. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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