Can I Dig and Install My New Home’s Foundation by Myself?

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Whenever you’re preparing to build a new building or structure, the first step is to have an excavator in Jeffersonville, IN dig out and then install the foundation. This is the most critical component of any building—a stable foundation prevents the building from developing leaks or cracks and will hold the building up for decades to come.

We occasionally hear of people wondering whether or not creating a foundation for a new home is a job they can take on themselves. However, these people are often misinformed as to what that process actually involves. It’s not as easy as just setting the footings and pouring concrete—there are a lot of other processes involved, including excavation, which is typically not something the average person is capable of taking on safely by themselves.

The excavation process can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the proper training. Here’s how:

  • Collapsed trench walls: If a trench wall collapses, it can easily result in people underneath being buried. Workers might even get stuck in small piles of collapsed debris. The pressure that results from this burial can quickly restrict a person’s ability to breathe and cause them to suffocate, even if they’re not fully buried.
  • Power lines and utilities: Even if you’ve marked off any underground power lines and utilities, there’s still always the chance you can strike them, or even the overhead lines as you lift up a bobcat or digger bucket. This could result in electrical shock.
  • Edges of pits: Collapsed trench walls aren’t the only thing you have to worry about in terms of stability. If you fail to properly brace the walls of the excavation, even standing on top at the edge of the cavity or moving the equipment too close can be quite dangerous. The edge might collapse out from under you, causing severe injury and a potential for burial.
  • Dust and debris: Excavation frequently involves the creation of a significant amount of dust and debris. If you do not have the proper breathing apparatus and protective gear, you could sustain some long-term damage to your respiratory system, as well as potential sinus problems. The soil you’re digging might also contain mold, asbestos or other irritants that could result in even further damage.

Simply put, you are always going to be better off hiring a professional to handle your foundation work. Not only will this be much safer, but it will also result in a much higher quality of work. Professional excavators will also have liability insurance that will cover the cost of any damage to your property, and the company will take care of handling all permit pulling for you before the work starts, making it a much more convenient process for you as the property owner.

If you’re interested in learning more about the processes involved with excavation and installing a foundation for a new home or commercial building, we encourage you to contact Estes Excavating Inc. today to speak with an excavator in Jeffersonville, IN.

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