How to Build a Pond That’s Big Enough to Fish From

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The more sustainable your property is, the better—and what better example of why this is the case could there be than the global pandemic we’re experiencing? With long lines at the grocery stores and disruptions in the supply chain, many people are finding it difficult to source all their favorite foods—especially meat. Imagine being able to go outside and catch some fish for dinner, right in your backyard. It might be easier than you think. Read on to learn about fishing pond construction in Jeffersonville, IN.

How ponds are made

Excavation ponds, which are more practical than embankment ponds, can be made by physically digging the pond out of flat land. If you want to fish from your pond, you’ll need to make it a deep one—this way you can raise trout, bass and other freshwater fish. Shallower ponds will attract other wildlife, like ducks, wetland birds and frogs, but won’t be suitable for raising edible fish.

Tips for choosing your pond site

You need three major things for a deep fish pond: flat land, a water supply and soil that has enough clay that it can hold water, rather than seeping into the ground.

When choosing a site, think about the accessibility it offers as well as its safety. What would happen if your dam gave out? Would it flood your home or someone else’s property? Choose a location that minimizes potential injury, property damage and even potential loss of life. As the property and pond owner, you may be held liable if something goes wrong.

Next, consider your water supply. You could build your pond near a small stream or a well, or use runoff from rain. The former two options are the easiest to construct. The water level must not fluctuate greatly during the year, since runoff and flooding can wash away nutrients in the water and even allow your fish to escape. Generally, it’s best to build your pond next to a stream and use an inlet pipe to fill the pond, rather than damming it. Be sure to test your water to ensure it is safe for fish and other aquatic life.

Pond construction

Consulting with fishing pond construction and excavation experts in Jeffersonville, IN will help you determine the size and construction of your pond, including the dam, inlet and drain pipes and spillway construction. They’ll also be able to give you a quote for clearing the land and excavating the pond itself. Ponds for fishing typically need steep slopes to prevent aquatic grasses and other plants from taking over the space, so be sure to notify your excavation contractor about your intended purpose.

After your pond is constructed, you should plant grass immediately to help prevent erosion—you don’t want your work to wash away over time. Then, get ready to enjoy fresh fish, caught right on your own property!

Get help with fishing pond excavation and construction in Jeffersonville, IN

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