The Process of Clearing Trees to Build a House

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Clearing trees from your land for building development in Jeffersonville, IN is a necessary part of construction. Any land, even a lot in the middle of a subdivision, requires clearing before any kind of building can begin. Land clearing involves removing trees, roots, rocks, bushes and the layer of topsoil to provide a “clean slate” for construction.

When you’re getting ready to build a home on your property, choosing the right land clearing company is essential for good results. Here’s what goes into tree clearing and how to choose the right contractor for the job.

Choosing a contractor and clearing the land

The first thing you’ll do, either with a contractor or by yourself, is evaluate the land and which parts you need to clear. Larger plots of land are more likely to require professional help, but you may be able to do certain tasks yourself to save money. You should determine what the specific challenges are, whether you need to cut down trees or remove large rocks and decide which tasks, if any, you’ll handle.

Next, you’ll need to check your local laws to see what kind of clearing is permitted—you might be trying to cut down trees that are protected by law. You’ll also need a permit for land clearing, but if you hire a contractor, they may be able to handle that process for you.

In order to know you’re choosing a great contractor, interview at least three land clearing companies. Ask for an estimated cost, time frame and whether they’ll hire subcontractors. You should also inquire about current or former client testimonials and research the company’s reputation online. Make sure you get copies of their license and insurance information, in the event that issues arise during the land clearing process. When interviewing contractors, tell them about the size of your land and any defining characteristics that could have an impact on cost or the time needed to complete the job. Whenever possible, get their answers in writing.

When it’s time to perform the job, you should clearly mark any vegetation or structures that need to remain intact. Your land clearing contractor will then remove the remaining vegetation, rocks and topsoil before clearing the trees. Large trees will need to be felled first, then their stumps are removed.

After the trees are removed from the land, your contractor will fill in any holes left in their absence. At this point, they will use a grader to smooth the ground over and create a level surface that’s suitable for housing construction.

Finally, any portions of land that will be used for agriculture or landscaping will be plowed.

Tree clearing to build new structures in Jeffersonville, IN

Clearing your land is an important first step in any construction project. It’s important to choose an experienced contractor who can handle any specific challenges on your property—and that’s why you should call the crew at Estes Excavating Inc. Reach out to us today to get started with a consultation.

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