Reasons to Adjust the Grading of Your Yard or Property

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Every property owner wants to see their lawn thrive. Whether you’re a homeowner in search of the perfect expanse of green or you have a commercial property that needs to appeal to your tenants or customers, making sure that your yard is healthy and vibrant is critical. If you’re noticing that, despite your best efforts, your yard is still experiencing issues, it might be time to think about contacting a yard grading service in Jeffersonville, IN.

Several prominent problems on your property could be corrected with an adjustment to your grading.

Fix drainage issues

Have you noticed that there is a constant pool of standing water on your property? The issue could be solved by changing your property grading in Jeffersonville, IN. You could either smooth it out or adjust the slope so that stormwater and debris run toward the street rather than pool on your property.

Protect yourself and your property

Ideally, your land should slope away from any structure on your property and run toward the street. That way, when it rains, for example, the water naturally heads toward the public drainage system. If you constantly find your home or office at risk for flooding during thunderstorms, the issue could be fixed with help from a yard grading service in Jeffersonville, IN.

Eliminate thatch

Thatch is one of the most pernicious threats to any lawn. These yellow shoots look like straw to the average observer. In fact, they’re decaying roots sitting on top of your lawn. This thick, unsightly substance robs your lawn of precious moisture and heat and promotes fungus growth. Thatch serves as an excellent habitat for pests, too. A poorly-graded yard could contribute to the growth of thatch, no matter how well you tend your grass otherwise.

Undo damage from insects

As much as you love your beautifully-manicured lawn, there are bugs and pests that love it even more. A gorgeous patch of grass is a huge temptation to a wide variety of insects, like the leafhopper, that would love nothing more than to chomp down on your yard. Meanwhile, other insects, like ground pearls, make a home in your healthy lawn and cause a massive amount of damage that simply cannot be undone. The only solution is to regrade your yard.

Property grading done right

At Estes Excavating Inc., we’re proud to be a trusted provider of property grading services in Jeffersonville, IN. With over 45 years of on-the-job experience, there is no issue that we haven’t encountered and overcome. In addition to our property grading services, we also offer top-notch demolition, excavation, land clearing, new site work, sewer installation, water line installation and so much more.

It doesn’t matter which of our services you enlist—our highly-skilled team of contractors will come to your aid and provide a custom solution that fits your needs perfectly. That’s our promise to you. Since we opened our doors, we have served a vast number of satisfied customers. It’s time you became one of them. Visit us online or give us a call today.

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