Things to Know About Post-Fire Demolition

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There’s nothing worse than a building fire. Whether you’re a homeowner watching your precious memories go up in smoke, or a property owner lamenting the loss of investment income, there’s never a good time to be the victim of a fire. However, if you work at it, you can see fire as an opportunity for growth, as a chance to build something better. Before you can create something from the destruction, though, you’ll need to wipe your canvas clean.

Enter post-fire demolition in Jeffersonville, IN. What may seem like a cut-and-dry process is actually much more complicated than you might think. Here are some essential factors to consider when you need a post-fire demo.

The fire department will investigate

Whenever there’s a fire—no matter if it’s a raging apartment blaze or a small kitchen fire—the fire department will investigate. When investigators move through your property, they will look at several factors to determine the overall strength of your home, office or warehouse. Depending on the results they see, a fire inspector will either recommend demolition or give the okay for a rebuild.

What is an inspector looking for?

When they’re walking through your property, an inspector is essentially looking to determine whether your building can be rehabilitated. Even if it seems as though your building is in good condition, an inspector may spot several issues that could necessitate demolition after a fire in Jeffersonville, IN.

Sagging ceilings and floors pose an imminent risk to people inside the building. Cracks in the building’s frame can pose a threat to building collapse. These are just a few of the factors that could lead to a call for demolition.

It may not be a total loss

Some people may think that post-fire demolition means a complete teardown of their property, but that may not always be the case. Some experts will walk through your home and find several places that can be salvaged with some soot removal and a fresh carpet.

You will need a permit

Post-fire demolition is a big deal. In the past two years, several legal cases have reached the courts regarding post-fire demolition. While the specific details vary from place to place, the prevailing fact is this: post-fire demolition isn’t something to take lightly. Before you set about the process, you will likely need a permit to make sure everything is legal.

The pros you can count on

Don’t start post-fire demolition in Jeffersonville, IN without consulting the pros at Estes Excavating Inc. We have the skills and experience you can rely on for a huge variety of services, including demolition, land clearing, site preparation, excavation and so much more.

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