Five Common Obstacles in Septic Tank Installation

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If your home is not connected to a municipal water source but has plenty of wells, you likely require septic tank installation. While installing a septic tank in Jeffersonville, IN often goes off without a hitch, there are times when circumstances may slow down the process. Most of these issues are easily handled, and you will end up with a functional septic system, but it’s still helpful to know what to expect in case your installation faces difficulties. Here are five common obstacles that may arise while you are installing a septic tank:

  • Double checking for current tanks: If you purchase an older property or one that has not been occupied for a while, you may wonder if there is already a septic system in place. Properties that use well water and are surrounded by neighbors with septic systems likely already have a tank installed. Check for a water meter and see if property taxes or local municipal water supplies serve the address. If you cannot find a water meter or any evidence of water charges, you likely have a septic system installed. In that case, rather than installation, you’ll probably want to have the system inspected to make sure it still functions.
  • Permit: Cities and counties require permits for septic tank installation. This is normally handled by your hired contractor, and when you choose someone for this task, double check that they also handle the permit process. Septic tanks are an environmental risk, which is why you need to ensure you have local permission first. Otherwise, you risk hefty fines.
  • Location: A property survey determines where the tank can be installed. Your tank must have a proper distance from buildings and property lines. Septic tanks also require a leach field, which filters wastewater, and that must be properly located as well. It is a good idea to avoid making any permanent landscaping plans or farm layouts until you know where your septic tank is located. There is a chance it may end up somewhere on top of other plans. This is a good time to be flexible with any plans for your building site.
  • Bedrock: Once it’s time to dig for your septic tank, the land will start offering challenges. One of these is bedrock. This solid material beneath the surface becomes a hard crust between you and your septic tank installation plans. While it can be broken through, it will take longer and require heavier equipment.
  • Gravity: Septic tank systems operate on gravity. Waste must flow down to the tank so it does not clog up your plumbing or indoor fixtures. If you have a bathroom that is level with or even lower than your tank, you will need a sewage sump pump to ensure waste travels to the tank. This is often an issue in homes with a basement bathroom, and if that is the case with your home, expect this expense.

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