What Is Controlled Demolition?

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Demolition services are essential when it comes to preparing sites for construction, development, remodeling and more, but a lot of property owners don’t know very much about the specifics of demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN. There are lots of different kinds of demolition services that are used to address a variety of needs on a property, and understanding more about some of these demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN can help you plan a successful project. Keep reading to learn about controlled demolition and how this service is used during the construction process.

Controlled demolition basics

Controlled demolition is a type of demolition that is used to tear down an existing structure or building using explosives. These explosives are placed in the building and detonated to create an implosion that brings the building down. Controlled demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN are typically used to tear down large buildings and structures that would be more difficult to demolish using bulldozers and cranes. Controlled demolition is thoroughly planned to ensure that the process is as safe and effective as possible. When employed by an experienced demolition company, controlled demolition is a highly effective and safe method.

When is controlled demolition used?

Controlled demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN are typically used to demolish buildings and structures that are particularly large or tall. Controlled demolition is typically used to tear down bridges, office buildings, commercial facilities, cooling towers and chimney stacks. No matter what kind of structure or building is being demolished, demolition crews will make calculations to ensure the appropriate amount of explosives is used and that they are placed in the right spots throughout the structure to ensure a successful and safe demolition.

Planning successful controlled demolition

Demolishing buildings using explosives always comes with some risks. To plan a safe and effective demolition project, thorough planning and extensive preparation is essential. Demolition companies must acquire the appropriate permits, perform comprehensive inspections and make calculations to determine the proper placement of explosives for the project. All of this requires extensive knowledge and planning.

The best way to ensure controlled demolition is successful is to hire a professional demolition contractor to complete the job. Do plenty of research to make sure the demolition contractor you hire has extensive experience with controlled demolition projects. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and testimonials online from former customers to get a better idea of the quality of services a contractor provides. Get in touch with your chosen contractor and explain your needs. They’ll likely have you get started with a consultation, site inspection and demolition plan to get your project started off on the right track.

Schedule demolition services in Jeffersonville, IN

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