How to Become an Excavating Machine Operator

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So, you want to become an excavating machine operator. And why wouldn’t you? An excavator is one of the coolest pieces of machinery on a job site, and you could be behind the wheel and pulling the levers!

But hold on just a moment—there are training requirements for excavating operators in Jeffersonville, IN. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of experience to start the training, and oftentimes the job doesn’t require a college degree. Most companies, however, do require their operators to have a high school diploma.

What you need

There are several schools in the U.S. that offer programs specializing in excavation technology, including in Illinois, Utah, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and other states. While it’s good to have this extended training, many companies do not require a four-year degree.

Operating an excavator is not a difficult job once you know what you’re doing, but before you start training, there are some boxes you’ll need to check if you want to learn how to become an excavator operator in Jeffersonville, IN:

  • Work-related skills: You should be familiar with the construction industry if you want to work as an excavator operator. Less than 20 percent of operators come to the job with no related work experience. About half come to the job with four years of experience or less in the field.
  • Training: This job requires training, but it doesn’t take years to learn the skill. Only 17 percent of operators say they have 6 to 12 months of training, while about a quarter of excavator operators have a month or less of training.
  • Certifications: Regulations vary by city and state, but many require you to be licensed as a crane operator. This involves passing a skills test and written exam of safety rules and procedures.
  • Skills: The skills required for this job involve being attentive to the environment around you, paying attention and, of course, being able to operate and control the machine.
  • Knowledge: What you’ll need to know for this job goes beyond just math and language skills learned in school. You’ll need knowledge of mechanics (tools, machine design), building and construction (materials and methods) and public safety and security (protection of people and property on the job).

What you get

When you’ve done the training and finally get to be in control of that big machine, you will be using it for a variety of purposes. Excavators are used to dig holes and trenches, yes, but they’re also used to transport very heavy materials, as well as to complete a variety of other tasks.

The average salary for excavator operators in 2018 was about $48,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition to this salary, you’ll get valuable experience in the construction industry, and perhaps a host of skills that will likely translate to operating other machines like forklifts or bulldozers.

Call Estes Excavating Inc. for more information on how to become an excavator operator in Jeffersonville, IN. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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