Worried About Rain During the Excavation Process? Here’s What to Expect

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Are you in the process of preparing to break ground on a construction project? Wet weather has a major effect on construction projects, especially the excavation portion. While construction workers can handle working out in the elements no matter what nature throws at them, there are some things you just can’t do if it rains consistently and heavily. Here’s what you need to know if it rains during excavation at your Jeffersonville, IN construction project.

Can excavation be done in the rain?

If it rains during excavation at your Jeffersonville, IN jobsite, excavation work should be halted until the soil becomes dry again. Some work can be done on damp or muddy ground, but the crew will be working much harder with less to show for their efforts. It’s hard to maneuver equipment in muddy conditions. Usually, work stops frequently so the crew can shovel out the tracks to clear them. The additional time decreases productivity and increases construction costs, neither of which are good for your project.

Excavating in wet conditions is treacherous for even the most experienced crew. Saturated soil doesn’t hold its position like dry soil does—when workers are operating heavy machinery on slippery soil, it’s dangerous for everyone at the site. It’s bad for construction quality, too, since soil compaction is essential during construction. Your structure needs a flat base as a support, and you can only get it with dry, well-compacted soil.

How do you avoid weather-related issues during construction?

While there’s no way to control the weather, there’s one way to minimize the impact it has on your construction project in Jeffersonville, IN: hiring the right crew for the job. A professional excavator will anticipate wet conditions as they put together a proposal and begin planning for your project. By designating the right contingency in case of rainy weather, the excavators ensure there’s an adequate time window to get the job done, keeping your project on schedule.

Your excavation team should know how to handle the site in case rain does occur. They’ll typically cover the area with a tarp and weights or stakes to keep things in place. By simply covering the area during a rainstorm, excavation crews can typically get back to work within a few days.

An experienced excavator will also be able to establish when soil conditions stabilize after a hard rain. They’ll look closely at the soil conditions and determine whether it’s safe to work, keeping everyone at the jobsite safe and ensuring that your excavating work is done correctly.

If it rains during excavation at your construction project in Jeffersonville, IN, it’s no cause for concern as long as you have the right project team on your side. An experience excavator plans ahead and knows how to deal with changes in the weather so your project can be completed on time and on budget. Contact Estes Excavating Inc. today to learn more about how flexibility helps us handle Mother Nature’s curveballs and keep your construction project on track.

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