Four Most Popular Land Clearing Techniques

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Whether you’re clearing an entire plot of land or you just need a few trees removed, there are a number of useful techniques that the professionals in land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN can use to get the job done. Here’s a brief introduction to the most popular land clearing techniques.

Cut and grind method

The cut and grind system is the preferred method for clearing properties with a smaller number of trees, and it must be done by the experts in land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN. During this process, tree removal professionals will remove brush and weeds, then use large machinery to take trees down and put them in a pile. Everything gets mulched, including the stumps if you choose to have them removed, too.

One of the main benefits of on-site tree grinding is that there’s no need to haul trees away. They’re disposed of right on-site, reducing manpower and transportation costs to save you money. As an added bonus, it’s an environmentally friendly choice, since the trees are turned into useful mulch and there’s no need to transport them, which reduces carbon emissions associated with transport.

Pushover method

The pushover method is a fancy term for simply bulldozing the trees on your property. Heavy, expensive machinery mows down trees and brush, but it keeps the roots intact. This method is ideal for small and intermediate sized areas, compared to methods that use other specialized land clearing machinery. Bulldozers push over large brush and trees, then the holes that remain are filled with the bulldozer or a backhoe.

There are some drawbacks to this method, especially in how it can destroy your topsoil. If you have a lot of giant trees on your property, though, this really can’t be avoided. Keep in mind that bulldozing can destroy the value of your trees as opposed to the more careful method of cutting and grinding.

Pulling method

The pulling method is ideal whether you’re clearing a large or small area of land. It involves large anchor chains that are pulled by tractors. Chains are attached to the trees, and the tractor pulls them away. There are limitations to this technique, and it can be more time consuming than other methods.

Pile and burn method

The age-old tradition of the pile and burn method is simple and cheap, but it’s not eco-friendly at all, and it’s not smart to use in dry or windy climates. First, the land is cleared out with a tractor or any other machinery on hand. Debris is moved into piles, and a controlled burn is conducted to get rid of it. It’s an efficient method, but it’s heavy-handed and potentially dangerous.

Before you decide on the land clearing technique that’s right for you, evaluate how much land you’re working with and the amount of vegetation you’re hoping to remove. Remember that tree and brush removal is a job that’s best left to land clearing professionals in Jeffersonville, IN. It’s never a simple DIY job. Contact Estes Excavating Inc. to learn more about the ideal clearing methods for your land.

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