Here’s Why Stump Removal Requires an Expert’s Touch

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Whether you’ve just had a tree removed or you’re moving to a new home with some unsightly tree stumps in the yard, it’s a smart idea to have them removed. From increasing safety in your yard to improving the overall appearance of your landscaping, there are many benefits to getting rid of leftover stumps. Here are four reasons why you should rely on the professionals in land clearing in Jeffersonville, IN to remove any unwanted stumps on your property.

Quick and efficient stump removal

When you work with the land clearing experts in Jeffersonville, IN to remove tree stumps, they take them out quickly with heavy-duty machinery called stump grinders. These machines take care of stumps very efficiently, reducing them to just sawdust and a pile of wood chips. There’s always plenty of debris to take care of once a stump is gone, but your local land clearing company will ensure your yard is completely clean once the job is done. They take care of all the dirty work, saving you plenty of time and energy.

Stump grinding is complex

While it may look like an easy job, removing a stump with a stump grinder requires expert knowledge of machinery in order to do it correctly. Operating a stump grinder isn’t something you can learn from an equipment manual. You need years of hands-on experience to effectively remove a tree stump, making precise and careful cuts to clear the stump away. It’s best to leave the job to the professionals instead of renting the machine yourself.

Stump grinding can be dangerous

As stated above, using a stump grinder isn’t something you can just pick up in a few hours of trial and error. This piece of heavy machinery can be dangerous if used incorrectly, and jumping right into griding a stump can put you and your property at risk. You also have to be aware of plumbing and other utility lines nearby so you can avoid them completely. Instead, rely on your local professionals in the land clearing industry to conduct a comprehensive hazard assessment before they start making any cuts. It’s much safer for everyone involved, and can even keep you from damaging your utility lines.

There’s more to a stump than meets the eye

Removing a stump the right way requires much more than just getting rid of what you see on the surface. Every stump has a complex root system below the ground, and you’d be surprised at just how far the roots can reach. It’s not uncommon for roots to extend into the path of utility lines throughout your property—removing roots in these situations is an extremely delicate job, and one that shouldn’t be done on your won. Your stump grinding professional knows how to detangle even the trickiest roots, keeping your utility lines (and maybe even those of your neighbors) safe and free from damage during the entire process.

Removing stumps instantly beautifies your yard, but it’s not a job you can do yourself. Rely on your local land clearing experts in Jeffersonville, IN to remove any tree stumps the right way. Contact Estes Excavating Inc. to learn more about the complex but necessary process of stump removal.

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