What Are the Benefits of Topsoil?

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Creating a lush landscape requires intensive and appropriate care. One of the best ways to give your surroundings the healthy nutrients they need to thrive is by using topsoil. Why?

Read on to discover the many topsoil benefits you can reap when you apply this rich layer of earth.

What is topsoil?

Before you can understand the importance of topsoil, you must understand what it is. Topsoil refers to the top 2 to 8 inches of earth. It is a nutrient-rich layer that offers a high concentration of microorganisms and organic matter that make the ground naturally fertile.

Benefits of topsoil

When you use topsoil in your garden, you will probably notice a difference almost immediately. The nutrients offer the following topsoil benefits:

  • Better health: If you want to improve the health of the plants in your garden, applying topsoil is a great method. The nutrients that the topsoil adds allow more oxygen to reach your plant roots. The plants will put down better roots and enjoy improved drainage and better health and growth. The topsoil will also help prevent soil erosion, which can be detrimental to plant growth.
  • Better resistance: If you are in an area that doesn’t get a lot of precipitation, topsoil is particularly helpful. It can improve drought resistance. The topsoil locks in moisture and reduces evaporation, which gives plants access to much-needed water when there is a lack of rain.  And for areas that don’t experience drought, you can enjoy the advantage of watering your lawn or garden less frequently.
  • Better drainage: Healthy drainage is key to healthy plant growth. One of the benefits of topsoil is that it drains very well. To achieve maximum drainage in your plant bed or lawn, combine topsoil with existing soil; then add a second layer of topsoil at the surface of your lawn or garden. The improved drainage will help produce healthy plants.
  • Better nutrients: Topsoil adds nutrients to the existing earth. It also helps preserve any existing nutrients that were in place before the addition of this layer. So, if you plan to fertilize an area, try adding a layer of topsoil first. This will help lock in the nutrients and provide improved results.

Where to get your topsoil

If you decide to take advantage of the many benefits of topsoil, consider partnering with professionals to choose the best topsoil for your setting. Not all topsoil is the same, so you’ll want to get expert insight to get the most out of your efforts. Contact your local topsoil professionals for a consultation and great prices on nutrient-rich topsoil.

Reap the benefits

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