How to Spot and Repair a Failing Foundation

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A strong foundation is critical for ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your home. It’s important to understand how to tell if your foundation is bad by being aware of some of the most common foundation problems and their symptoms.

The moment you notice these types of problems, it is critical that you work with a foundation repair professional to correct the issues.

Here’s an overview of some of the most common housing foundation issues and fixes.

Potential causes

There are a wide range of potential causes for foundation problems, the most common of which tend to involve water getting in and around the foundation.

When the foundation is exposed to excessive moisture, it could begin to swell and shrink, with the weight of the structure causing the foundation to shift. That shifting could cause cracks of varying sizes to form in the foundation.

Another common cause of foundation issues is expansive soil, such as soil that has a high clay content. That soil can put a lot of excess pressure on the foundation. Expansive soils also do not settle evenly, which could result in the foundation settling as well.

Finally, if the home was poorly constructed or designed, this could result in major foundation issues. Construction companies must take into account drainage and soil conditions before they begin foundation work.

How to tell if your foundation is bad

So, what are the signs of trouble you need to be aware of, if any of these issues have been affecting your home’s foundation?

First, you should look for some signs on the interior of your home. Some of the most common indicators of foundation problems indoors include creaking or uneven floors, doors or windows that stick in their frames, big cracks in flooring or drywall, floors that sag or have warped, moisture in crawl spaces or basements and big cracks in the walls of a basement.

When you perform an inspection of the outside of your building, you should be on the lookout for signs such as big cracks in the foundation, vertical or stair-step cracks in stucco or brick, exterior walls or corners that appear to be sinking or otherwise “off” and exterior steps that seem to be pulling away from the building.

If you notice any of these issues, it is important you get a foundation contractor out to your property immediately so they can determine the extent of the problems and the necessary actions you must take to resolve them. The longer you let these types of foundation problems sit without addressing them, the worse they will get and the more likely the building will experience some major structural failure that would be prohibitively expensive to repair.


The types of repairs for foundation issues depend on their nature and severity.

The most common repair method is the use of piers or pilings, which transfer the structure’s weight to an area with greater stability. These piers get drilled deep into the earth around the property.

For lesser issues, there may be abilities to repair cracks and restore the condition of the foundation.

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