Can You Excavate in the Winter?

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Site excavation is an important part of many construction projects. Those looking to start their construction project right away may be wondering, can you excavate in the winter?

While cold weather can affect construction projects, winter excavation is possible—though there are several extra considerations when it comes to excavating in the winter.

Read on to learn more about winter excavation and the considerations that go along with this type of undertaking.

Advantages of excavating in winter

Many people don’t realize there are actually some benefits of winter excavation. For example, most construction companies aren’t as busy in winter, which means you’ll have a much easier time scheduling your project.

Some construction companies even offer special deals in winter due to a lull in business. That said, some companies charge even more in winter.

Since most construction companies are less busy in winter, they can send more workers to your site, meaning your construction project might get finished sooner.

Disadvantages of excavating in winter

So can you excavate in the winter? You can pretty much excavate during any time of the year. When excavating during winter, however, it’s important to remember that cold temperatures and snow can easily affect an excavation site.

Snow and ice often make the construction site more dangerous. Construction crews are more prone to falls and other accidents when there’s snow and ice on the ground, but experienced construction crews take proper safety precautions during winter.

Colder temperatures often make the ground harder, making it challenging to dig. That’s why it’s best to schedule your construction project before the temperatures get too cold.

Construction crews can sometimes be more uncomfortable during winter excavations. No one likes working in freezing temperatures—but working in hot temperatures isn’t fun either. A reputable construction company provides its workers with the right gear and other supplies to keep them warm during any winter projects.

Preparing your site for winter excavation

While there are some challenges when it comes to winter excavation, good preparation will keep things running smoothly no matter what time of year it is. Winter excavation preparation should always include keeping an eye on local weather. If there’s a chance of snow or freezing temperatures, consider scheduling the construction crew for another day. On those warmer days, try and bring out the entire crew.

While you can excavate in winter, it’s important to note that this could come with extra costs. For example, if the ground’s frozen, construction crews may need to bring electric heaters and insulation blankets, which often come with extra fees. Excavating frozen ground also takes more time and energy.

Tired of waiting?

Ready to get started on your construction project right away? Winter excavation is sometimes challenging, though an experienced construction crew can handle it with no problem. Be sure to do your research on local construction companies, and make sure they have the right equipment and skills to handle winter excavations.

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