Reasons You May Need to Schedule Tree Removal

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Making the decision to remove a tree that’s been standing in your yard for years or even decades can be difficult, but it’s important to know when to remove a tree. Removing a tree at the right time can help prevent injury and damage to your home.

Read the reasons provided below to decide if it’s time to make a call and schedule tree removal services:

  • The tree is dead: This is the most obvious reason to remove a tree, but it can be difficult for some to determine whether a tree is dead or not. Have an expert arborist come take a look at your tree if it looks sick. Symptoms of a sick tree can include brown leaves, mold growth and unfamiliar growths. Working with a professional arborist will prevent removing a tree you could’ve easily saved.
  • Storm damage: Heavy storms can easily damage even the strongest trees. While a few missing limbs may not be much of a problem, major storm damage can make it impossible to save a tree. Instead of risking your safety and the safety of anyone else on your property, consider removing that storm-damaged tree.
  • The tree leans in an unsafe direction: If there are large limbs hanging above your home or vehicles, contact a tree removal services company to take care of the situation. Trees leaning towards your home may need a complete removal.
  • Cracks: When trying to decide if it’s time to remove a tree, be sure to give it a thorough inspection. One of the major signs it’s time to remove a tree is seeing cracks in the main trunk. Cracks in the main trunk likely mean the tree is unstable.
  • The tree is too close to utilities: Tree roots can do major damage to septic tanks and any underground piping. Tree roots are attracted to the moisture produced by the pipes and may eventually wrap around them. If there’s a tree growing near your home or utility lines, consider having it removed.
  • Insect infections: Pests known for feeding on trees include aphids, Asian longhorn beetles, fall webworms and forest tent caterpillars. While it’s sometimes easy to take care of small pest infestations, you may want to remove a completely-infested tree before the pests make their way to other plants in your yard. Have a local exterminator inspect your property to ensure all pests are gone.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

It’s better to have that dead or dying tree removed before it damages your home or hurts a loved one. Contact an expert tree removal services provider in your area. You should never try to remove a tree on your own, especially a large one. This is exceptionally dangerous and could result in excessive property damage.

When it’s time to remove a tree from your yard, contact the experts at Estes Excavating Inc. We can remove trees of almost any size quickly and efficiently. We also offer top-quality stump removal services at fair prices.

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