When To Use Foundation Piers

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A good structure depends on a good foundation. Without this, the entire structure’s integrity is at risk of damage and collapse, putting its occupants in danger. The foundation makes this part of the construction a very crucial one.  

What should be done if the foundation is damaged? Is it even possible to remedy it at all? How do you know how to fix a bad foundation?

The good news is that it is possible to fix a bad foundation. The answer to that is foundation piers.

What Are Foundation Piers?

Foundation piers are essentially cylindrical columns with wide diameters used to support a weakened foundation. It is typically found several feet aboveground, which is also why it is otherwise known as the “post foundation.”

Types of Foundation Piers

There are two common types of foundation piers. The first is the push piers, which are driven into the soil through a hydraulic ram. This is typically made of galvanized or coated steel pipe.

The other type is the helical piers, which require a hydraulic torque motor to be screwed into the ground. This one uses screw piles with steel shafts. 

When To Use Foundation Piers

There are certain instances when the use of foundation piers becomes necessary. For example, the material of the structure is an important factor in determining the need for foundation piers. 

Structures made out of log or timber would have smaller foundation pillars compared to those built with other materials. In this case, foundation piers may be necessary to add support to the structure’s foundation.

Also, buildings or structures located on a slope would definitely need support from foundation piers. To make this work, the soil type must have a low bearing capacity of water, otherwise, the pillars will sink into the soft ground, impacting the level of the structure above.

Other Benefits 

Using foundation piers also has other benefits apart from ensuring the structural integrity of your home or building. It’s cost-efficient, for one, because it is a much more viable solution to add support to the foundation without having to replace it entirely. 

It’s also environment-friendly because installing these foundation piers requires little disturbance of the environment. No heavy equipment is required, and soil disturbance is minimal.

Remember, the stronger your foundation is, the safer it is for you and the rest of those using the structure. Whether a home or a business location, your structure should be secure enough for anyone inside.

Consult with a professional to find out if your foundation needs work and could use the help of foundation piers.


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