Types of Excavations

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What are the types of excavations? If you are currently looking for excavation services, you might be wondering what type of services you will require. Usually, most property owners are not informed of the different types of excavations available. Here are the common types of excavations you ought to know.

1. Borrow Excavation

In borrow excavation, you need to borrow soil from another area to be used as fill on your construction site. This process usually happens when the available soil on your property is insufficient to fill the required volume for the construction project or when the soil quality is not good enough. The good thing about this type of excavation is that it is relatively cheaper than other methods.

2. Drainage Excavation

As you will discover, water can cause a lot of damage to your construction project. That is why most builders will look for ways of diverting water from their building sites. One of the most effective methods you can use is excavating drainage ditches around the perimeter of your property. This type of excavation is usually more profound and comprehensive than other types because it needs to accommodate a larger volume of water.

3. Foundation Excavation

This is one of the most common types of excavations you will come across in the construction industry. It involves digging a hole where the foundation of your structure will be built. The depth and width of this hole will be determined by the type of foundation you are planning to build. For instance, a concrete slab foundation will require a shallower and broader excavation, while a basement foundation will need a deeper and narrower one.

4. Sloping and Benching Excavation

This type of excavation is usually done on sloped sites. It involves excavating the site in levels or terraces. This is done to create a level surface where construction can occur. The excavated soil is usually used as a backfill for the lower levels. This excavation is usually more expensive and time-consuming than other methods.

5. Trench Excavation

Trench excavation is usually done to create a space where utility lines such as water, sewer, and gas can be installed. It is also done to create a space for the foundation footings. The depth and width of the trench will be determined by the type of utility line installed. You need this type of excavation when planning to do major repairs or replacements on your existing utility lines.

6. Rock Excavation

Today, rock excavation is done using special equipment because of the hardness of the rock. This excavation is usually done on construction sites with a lot of rocks. It is also done when trenching or foundation excavation hits a layer of rock. The excavated rocks are usually used as fill material on the construction site. However, if the quality of the rock is not good enough, it will be discarded.


Now that you know the different types of excavations, it will be easier to determine the best method for your construction project. If you need help with the excavation work, you can always contact Estes Excavating Inc. We are a full-service excavating company that can handle any excavation work. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

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