Drilling Throughout History

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Drilling continues to be a very important part of various processes used to extract oil, precious metals, and other valuable resources from beneath the surface of the earth. Today, drilling involves a variety of powerful machines and complex processes designed to ensure it is safe and efficient. However, drilling has not always been that way, and the processes have an interesting history that dates back several centuries. For those interested in the history of drilling, there have been various milestones over the years. 

Drilling Begins in Hungary and Germany

While drilling has evolved into a common practice all over the world, the initial styles of drilling and processes were believed to have started in the mountains of Hungary and Germany. Starting in the early 1600s, miners in Germany and Hungary started to manually dig out holes in the rock and then fill them with black powder. This would then be detonated to help clear even more space.

Even more advanced technology was first introduced in this area in the 1680s when an inventor created an effective new drill by only using its weight and gravity. While it could not dig very complex holes, it was effective at drilling vertical holes straight down into the rock beneath it. Over the next few decades, new bits and chisels were added to these initial drills, making the tools even more effective.

Rotary Drilling Revolutionizes Industry

For those that are wondering what’s the history of drilling, the introduction of the rotary drills was a major milestone that continues to define the industry today. In the 1840s, manual rotary drilling was first introduced, and it was an even more effective way to drill holes in any direction. This was a manual process that required someone to manually rotate the drill as they dug further into the rock.

Drilling in the United States

The United States continues to be well known for its history of drilling for oil in rich grounds throughout Texas and other parts of the country. The drilling industry really started to take off in the United States in the early to mid-1800s. By this time, the country had already built its first spring-pole and gas wells. Eventually, this technology would evolve, and they would start constructing the popular four-legged derricks and creating various oil wells.

Drilling in this country has continued to be effective through continued advanced technology. Some of the most important advancements used in United States drilling processes included the first electrical drill in the late 1800s and the introduction of various drill bits.

Drilling continues to be a very important part of the process when it comes to extracting oil, natural gas, and various precious metals. While this is a very advanced process today, it has humble beginnings and evolved with new innovations over the years. There are bound to be additional improvements in the coming years as well.  

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