What Types of Equipment Are Commonly Found on Excavation Sites?

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The excavation industry is one that requires a lot of heavy machinery. We move earth in massive quantities, so we need tools that are up to the task and can be relied upon for jobs of all sizes. Picking an excavation contractor means going with the best one for your specific job, and that includes asking them about the types of machinery they prefer. Since this can tell you a lot about the type of company they run and how they approach certain types of projects, it can be helpful to understand the types of excavation machinery in Jeffersonville, IN you’re likely to encounter.


One of the first pieces of heavy equipment that most people think of, the bulldozer is a bedrock of most excavation projects. The bulldozer is one of the strongest pieces of machinery around, relying on its large treads and wide blade to move huge amounts of dirt around job sites. It can also be used to break up boulders of all sizes, so its versatility is one of its greatest assets. When it comes to common excavation equipment in Jeffersonville, IN, you’re probably going to see a bulldozer on virtually all job sites.


Backhoes are characterized by their long folding arm, with a toothed “shovel” on the end on one side and a large bucket on the other, which makes them a great choice for digging projects. These machines come in a variety of sizes, so whether you’re digging out a hole for a patio or for an entire building foundation, Estes Excavating Inc. has the right-sized tool for the job. Backhoes are great for digging trenches, backfilling areas and even moving materials like dirt and boulders around excavation sites.

Compact track loader

This machine is known by many names, and isn’t to be confused with a skid steer, although the two might look similar to the untrained eye. Compact track loaders are one of the types of excavation machinery in Jeffersonville, IN that can really do a bit of everything on every job. They look almost like bulldozers, although their front blades have more depth to them. They can also raise and lower these arms, giving them the capability of moving earth for distances both short and long.

Zero-swing excavators

While many excavation projects take place where space isn’t a huge concern, it’s nice to be prepared for those occurring in more confined areas. A zero-swing excavator is a common excavation equipment option in Jeffersonville, IN that works well in small spots because the arm will only swing within its own width, making it a great choice for these tight squeezes.

Excavation projects can be big, expensive jobs, but they can be smaller, targeted dirt removals as well. Over the course of our 45-plus years in the business, Estes Excavating Inc. has really done it all, and you can rest assured we have the right piece of equipment to handle whatever project you have in mind for your home or business. Give us a call today and feel confident that we’ll get the job done right!

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